Ross Finlay Director, Board pf Directors DGI Clinical Halifax NS

Ross Finlay

Ross Finlay is a Co-Founder and Director of the First Angel Network Association – Atlantic Canada’s association for private investors. He is a board member and past Chair of the National Angel Capital Organization (Canada), and is a Director of the U.S. Angel Capital Association. Ross is also Vice Chair of the Angel Resource Institute (of the Kaufmann Foundation). He is a recognized international speaker, facilitator, business planner, and strategic change advisor who has an extensive background in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Ross has extensive business networks throughout the world and has written as a regular columnist for Atlantic Business Magazine and Progress Magazine. He also contributed to the new book “Angels Without Borders – Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investing Worldwide”

Ross has been Executive Director of a professional association in Ontario and President of a national consulting company specializing in providing services to scientific, engineering and technical clients.

Since 1994, Ross has managed his own successful consulting practice. He returned to the corporate world for a time with PwC LLP and SolutionInc Ltd. – a software development company.

In 2002 Ross was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for outstanding community service through his efforts in numerous charities.

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