Lisa McGarrigle is a postdoctoral fellow at DGI Clinical Halifax NS

Lisa McGarrigle, PhD

Dr Lisa McGarrigle is a postdoctoral fellow researching the psychometric properties of patient-centered measures with the DGI team. She received her PhD in cognitive psychology from Dublin City University, Ireland. Her PhD research was part of a European project that aimed to promote long term brain health by combining social innovation, multifactorial modelling and clinical expertise. Over the course of this research, she gained experience working with large longitudinal datasets on the determinants of cognitive aging, and developed skills in statistical modelling. Over the years Lisa has also worked as a researcher in diverse health areas, such as the assessment and enhancement of cognition in both aging and dyslexia, the relationship between cognition and the placebo response, and assistive technology use in dementia. Lisa enjoys travel, yoga, and exploring the Nova Scotian countryside whenever possible.

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